Winning Teachers


October 03, 2007

Ontario's top teachers will receive high honours today as part of an early celebration of World Teachers’ Day. The province's best classroom educators will be lauded by their peers at the annual OTIP Teaching Awards ceremony in Toronto.

The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) sponsors the awards, which are administered by the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF).

"Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge, cultivate a love of learning and provide us with a bounty of good citizens, ready to take on the challenges of the world," says Randy McGlynn, Chief Executive Officer of OTIP. "While we thank them for that, this year's honourees consider it their privilege to teach."

"I love the morning when the children come in, always with smiles on their faces, no matter what the day before was like," says Grade 2 teacher Danielle Honour.

"They inspire me all the time," Danielle Corsini tells us from her Hamilton high school. "I get paid to learn. What a great life," adds Toronto co-op teacher Martin Aller-Stead.
World Teachers’ Day is October 5

World Teachers' Day is October 5, proclaimed more than ten years ago to keep alive the recognition of the contribution of teachers to society. "Whether they work in an open air school in a village in Kenya or in a wired-for-tech building in Ottawa, teachers are the heart of the community," says OTF President Maureen Davis.

"Through our awards, we recognize teachers who use innovative methods, inspire and engage students, reflect the multi-ethnic heritage of Ontario, and encourage the creative use of technology in the classroom,” Davis says.

A slate of teachers was nominated by students, parents and colleagues, each entry with a unique story of how the nominee works to motivate and challenge, gives selflessly of time and dedication, and puts students’ needs first.