Applications open on January 09, 2017

Deadline is March 31, 2017


The awards recognize teachers who:

  • use innovative teaching methods, design creative programs and develop exciting learning experiences for Ontario students;
  • make a difference in students' lives by engaging them in the process of learning and create enthusiasm for learning by raising their sights, broadening their horizons and enhancing their learning potential;
  • demonstrate understanding and integration of community diversity into classroom practices;
  • encourage the sharing of community and individual resources in the schools of our province; and
  • demonstrate a personal commitment to personal lifelong learning.

In addition, a nominee for beginning teacher should exhibit a willingness to learn and develop, as well as to seek advice from colleagues and act upon it.

To nominate

Just click on the nominate box to the right. Then you can register and fill out the nomination form. This will take about 20 minutes but you can save the form and login later to complete or update the nomination. You may log back into your nominator account and adjust any of your current nominations at any time prior to the nomination deadline.

Helpful hints before filling out the nomination form

  1. Get the teacher’s school contact information.
  2. Two additional references - from parents, teachers, students or administrators. Ask for letters of reference in electronic format so you can copy and paste into nomination form. Make sure to get the contact information for your references.
  3. Any other supporting material, such as photos, videos, or PDF documents. Note that up to THREE items of supporting materials only will be accepted.

Make sure your nomination is complete. Incomplete nominations - those labelled in your account as DRAFT - do not proceed to the committee. The status of the online nomination will change to COMPLETE when all fields are filled in.

After completing the nomination

When you have successfully completed the nomination form, you will receive a nomination reference number - make sure to reference this number when submitting supporting material for your nomination by post, email, or fax.

Don’t forget to notify your nominee that you have made a nomination.